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In light of the situations that confront the African Americian and minority communities of the United States, we must continue to confront the established norms and social mores that inflict damage and pain to our families, homes and society. Over the course of  the past three months, we have witnessed a renewed passion and spirit of activism. The names of Martin, Brown, Garner and countless others must be remembered. We must fight on their behalf and our future interests. Tell your neighbors, friends, colleagues, elected representatives that change is imminent. We have to change our mindset, our communities and impact our overall society in the correct and proper form! Stand up and stand out!


The first thing that you can do is educate yourself about your history. Most African Americans are desendants of slaves. For over 250 years, folks toiled this land for free and suffered innumerable indignities. After the Emancipation Proclamation, conditions slightly improved during the short-lived  Reconstruction Period. America did not have a fully developed plan to handle the influx of new citizens and to provide fair opportunities at health, wealth, and education. The system of Jim Crow discriminated against African Americans. Even at the present, we are subject to the old prejudices and poor behavior. In the end, "we shall overcome!"  One breath at a time..one step at a time. It is time to make something happen!


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